Panasonic Photo Battery 3V Lithium CR-123

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Power for lightweight appliances
Product benefits

  • Low internal resistance to provide rapid flash recovery time and quick shooting
  • A long shelf life up to 10 years
  • Powerful lithium technology
  • Reliable even in a wide range of operating temperatures (-40°C to +70°C)

Because of the use of lightweight materials, the Panasonic CYLINDRICAL LITHIUM CR123 batteries are perfect for small cameras as well as portable lighting systems. The batteries can also be used in safety equipment, security sensors and smoke detectors.

More flashing power
CYLINDRICAL LITHIUM CR123 batteries have a spiral structure and enlarged surface areas of the positive and negative electrodes. This design allows a current as high as several amperes to be drawn. Very convenient for flashlights that need instant power.

Low self-degradation rate and excellent storability
Panasonic CYLINDRICAL LITHIUM CR123 batteries contain manganese dioxide, a substance that is chemically very stable. 90% of the battery capacity remains even after 10 years of storage if preservation conditions are proper.

Superior safety
CYLINDRICAL LITHIUM CR123 batteries feature a structural design for an optimal safety and stable substances for the active materials. They have endured several safety tests whereby we can say they have an excellent safety that is verified. The CYLINDRICAL LITHIUM CR123 batteries have been approved under the safety standard (UL1642) of UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.).

Which devices
Camera flash

Tired of your camera running out of power after taking some pictures? Use suitable batteries in order to avoid this situation and enjoy the lovely moments.

Smoke detector
Always feel safe at home, use Panasonic batteries to make sure your smoke detector is still working.

Security equipment
Feel safe at home thanks to your security equipment equiped with Panasonic batteries.