Maxell 329 36mAh 1.55V Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery

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The Maxell silver oxide battery is available for sale in a variety of sizes to accommodate your varying power needs. This 329 button cell provides a 36mAh capacity that is ideally meant for use in low-drain electronics, such as an analog watch or a key-less entry remote for a car. While the 36mAh capacity is quite low, when compared with other household power sources, this specialty-sized battery is designed specifically for these smaller-sized electronic devices that we may otherwise take for granted. What sets this silver oxide battery apart from others is its flat discharge rate. Disposable alkaline cells, on the other hand, have a gradual, sloping discharge curve where the voltage lowers over time. The Maxell silver oxide battery provides a stable discharge that maintains the 1.55 voltage throughout the discharge cycle for optimum performance.