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Nobody plans to fail, but a lot of us fail to plan. Keeping an extra battery, charged and handy, is a good plan anytime. Long flights and longer meetings, power blackouts and transit snarls - an extra battery gives you the power to keep on communicating, come what may. Only genuine BlackBerry smartphone batteries work best with most BlackBerry, holding their charge longer and taking the maximum number of charges over their lifetime. That's why your battery features a cryptographic chip to assure you it's genuine.

  • A cryptographic chip identified by a closed lock on the battery, ensuring you're using a battery approved for your BlackBerry device
  • Batteries are designed to work optimally with most BlackBerry, ensuring it is powered for longer and the battery sustains an optimal amount of charges.
  • The D-X1 Battery features a secure, cryptographic chip to ensure you're using a battery specially designed to work with your BlackBerry device.
  • Your device will be powered longer and the battery will sustain a greater amount of charges with a D-X1 BlackBerry battery.
  • Specifications: 1400mAh OEM BlackBerry 
  • Battery must be charged 8 hrs PRIOR to use