LBT Samsung S4 Flip Case White - S4WW



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LBT Samsung S4 Black Flip Case W/ Viewing Window

Our LBT flip cases with access window(s) are an in-demand and innovative addition to our product line-up. Designed for new and popular devices, these touch window cases allow you to view alerts/other critical information, and answer/ reject calls-all without even having to open your phone case! A perfect solution for the on-the-go person to stay connected and informed without the hassle of having to constantly open your case. With the slide of a finger you can navigate your phone, and seamlessly slide it back into your pocket, purse etc. The built in IC chip puts the phone to sleep when closed and helps conserve battery life.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sleek design to easily slide in and out of pocket
  • Great in-hand grip to avoid dropping
  • Touch- through screen that allows you to navigate calls (based on compatibility of phone) and alerts
  • Power saving flip cover
  • Available in most popular colors

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